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tallawah esoterica is an inclusive digital space for astrology and reiki.

tallawah esoterica is an inclusive digital space for astrology and reiki. be sure to rotate your phone or view on desktop.

if you are looking for distance reiki sessions or a birth chart consultation, book with me today.



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"Tallawah" is a Jamaican patwa word meaning strength, most commonly known from the saying “we like but we tallawah”— meaning we are small but mighty. As a a Jamaican-American, I look at tastrology and reiki in the same way as I would the herbs my father would give me as a child— useful tools outside of mainstream modalities of understanding.

When I first saw a birth chart, I was 19 years old. In a bout of grief I stumbled across a website with a natal chart calculator. I was completely blown away that we have more than a sun sign, and the way the most basic interpretations were able to contextualize my experience. I dug through whatever resources I could find online or in bookstores to piece together a meaning for my chart, moving through modern astrology to traditional western and islamic astrology. In the following decade I spent time reading at events or for friends, cultivating a group of peers, working as a multidisciplinary artist, and becoming a reiki master teacher. Outside of my professional practice, I enjoy making music, writing, and going to raves (the website design is a quiet nod to Acen’s Trip To The Moon series)

Ultimately, my goal as an astrologer is to leave you feeling emboldened..


Because of the longstanding history of Black people looking to the skies for freedom, peace of mind, or greater undestanding, I approach astrology as an ancestral practice.

The sources I draw from in a reading are mainly traditional hellenistic astrology, with a touch of modern techniques, medieval astrology, and islamic astrology.

What I utilize:

whole sign houses | tropical house system| traditional rulerships | outer planets| profections

I do not use degree theory, modern rulerships, placidius, zodiacal releasing, or fixed stars at this time, please book elsewhere if that's what you're looking for!

astro services

In the hour long natal chart consult, we go over the basics of your chart and how it’s unfolding for you. If there is a particular area of focus you’d like to discuss please let me know on the intake form. I aim to give everyone the highs and lows—

  • what special gifts you may have
  • what behaviors or obstacles to be mindful of
  • how to work with this to the best of your abilities

In the "Where is my love?" Derived 7th house consults, we look at your regular natal chart, as well as flip the chart to look at yourself from the view of the other. Through this lens we discuss the qualities that a potential partner would need to fulfill for you and any potential challenges or relationship patterns.

I also offer 35 minute follow-up readings for returning clients!

Reiki is a healing modality that originated with the Ainu people in Japan. It was later adopted by Japanese Buddhists and brought to the US by Hawayo Takata. She named her branch of reiki after the monk who taught it to her.

I first received reiki because of an astrology client I met a workshop series for Black femmes in Chicago. She invited me to a reiki clinic she organized. I was initially skeptical, but after receiving reiki I went through the process of learning how to do it myself. I'm not a reiki master teacher. I’ve now received attunements by Courtney Cobbs, Erica Nunnally, and Libby Barrett.

While reiki is typically a hands-on healing technique, it is also possible to send through a distance. I currently offer 1/2 hour or 1 hour long sessions. For group reiki or in-person events, please email me.